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The Zionist Pest and Vermin

The Zionist Pest and Vermin

The Zionists are pest and vermin indeed. They got no legs to stand on. They attack people based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

Israel Palestine conflict is not a religious one! Yet these ungrateful lots have been attacking Muslims and Arabs based on totally manufactured reasons and grounds like
"Ershad Manji to Ayaan Hirshi Ali".

They have enslaved USA. Poor Americans are fighting dying for Israel like rabid dogs! During the process the whole world condemning American madness and the Zionists are getting fatter and fatter at the expense of Americans and rest of the world.

Zionism is worse than Nazism. The Sacred Cow is another example of the insecure and fraudulent nature of the holocaust industry.

Further to
Our Moral Rights, American Duty and Missing Nukes and Bin Laden it is paramount that Iraq pullout would hurt Israel and Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel before anything else!

At the end of the day, “we all are equal beyond sex, race and religion”. No one is special race or chosen people..

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Re: Here's this week's rant...

Offensive! Moi!!??
Rabid dog??!! No rabies in Australia!
Kill everyone??!! Nah just them that would harm my country and my people!
I give members of FAN a real reason to be glad they believe in their wise philosophy and efforts for PEACEFUL solutions!!?? Then why do most members support terrorism, hate Jews and delight in the death of innocents and allied soldiers??
LOVEBUSH@... Nah darl too tame.
Cheers Bruce

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Re: Here's this week's rant...

Yes, Bruce, you are offensive. You are like a rabid dog, and do nothing to enhance your cause... what ever that is. The most I can make out of your basic belief is "Kill Everyone that doesn't believe like you !!"

In fact, you give members of FAN a real reason to be glad they believe in their wise philosophy and efforts for PEACEFUL solutions.

Here's a group you could join and fit in better than you do in FAN....

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Bloody hell darlin'!! Have I offended??

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Re: Here's this week's rant...


Uncle Ernie's field of university study was Political Science.

Unlike YOU... one who merely posts endless, uninteresting articles written by boring authors that YOU have chosen because YOU agree with their opinions and politics... Ernest writes much of his own stuff. You might even try to join his forum if you have the courage… that is, if he found you acceptable as a member, which I doubt. Uncle Ernie's Issues and Alibis: the Forum (at yahoo)

Uncle Ernie works hard publishing his weekly magazine, gathering material and writing his own essays. A great deal of work goes into such an endeavor, and I am pleased that he posts Issues and Alibis in FAN. Uh, what do You do ??? Mouth B.S.... That's about it.

I somehow picture you as having little else to do but sit at your computer swilling beer, while passing judgment on others, and writing nasty and degrading remarks to and of other members that think differently that YOU. Heaven help us if we all thought like you !!!

You can read all the history books you want, sugar coat all the evil deeds mankind has committed to your preferred taste, and state all the facts (?) you wish. Just think of the eons and multitude of Facts throughout history !! Mind boggling !!

YOU WANT FACTS ??? It all boils down to one major FACT… that mankind has not risen above what he was in the beginning… basically a Territorial Animal, bent on survival of the fittest… just like the rest of the animals in this respect. You can try to dress and wrap up the history of mankind in pretty packages of philosophies, ideologies, and ensuing wars. But it's all trappings and baggage. Nothing has changed. It is still a matter of "survival of the fittest," and mankind is still a territorial animal that kills for food and territory. We now call this phenomenon Imperialism.

Mankind in the West desperately needs the OIL in the East for its energy, economy, and to travel from one territory to another, and it is infringing on the Territories of the East to beg, borrow, steal, and KILL for that highly lucrative commodity… OIL. You can call it a fight against Terrorism, Islam, Iraq, Iran, or saving Israel, and haha Democracy all you want. But that is Propaganda, and a LIE is a LIE. The West wants the OIL, Wealth, and strategically placed Territories of the East.

The Real Fact is that Western allies are fighting a losing battle. They cannot win or hold up against the sheer numbers of brown-skinned foreign speaking peoples. Given time, the White English speaking peoples will lose, dwindle away, and finally disappear from the face of the earth.


--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

He has not written a single fact Chief!! Only mindless rhetoric, half truths and biased bullshit!!

Cheers Bruce

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Re: [freeamericanow] Re: Here's this week's rant...

Funny Bruce, but I do not see you countering a single fact which Ernest has written about.

Looks like to me that you agree with what he has written.

And yes I agree that you should be concerned about health of fellow members. Especially when you agree with what they have written.


--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:
Re: Here's this week's rant...

Dear!! I called no one any names and made no attacks!! I made a comment as to the mental health of a person based on the crap they write!! I am only a concerned individual who has aired concerns over the mental health of a self admitted drug abuser!! I would be more than willing to assist Earnest in getting the help he obviously so desperately needs.

Cheers Bruce

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Re: Here's this week's rant...

Bruce, I do NOT appreciate your name calling and attitude towards welcomed members of FAN. If you care to debate on a subject... Do It. Do NOT attack them personally.


--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

Bloody hell Earnest!! I think you have been getting into the whacky baccy a bit too much!! Its addled what is left of your brain!!

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "Uncle Ernie" wrote:
Here's this week's rant...

This Crusade By Ernest Stewart

"This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while." ~~~ George W. Bush September 16, 2001

"You don't have money to fund the war or children. But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement." ~~~ Rep. Pete Stark, D-California

"We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon," ~~~ Dick Cheney

You may recall just 5 days after our false flag attack on the WTC Smirky, while giving a speech, let the cat out of the bag with a Freudian slip about the true meaning of our endless oil war to come when he called it "This Crusade." It was immediately retracted but Islam and the rest of the world got the true meaning. Bush has been very good at doing that, letting the cat out of the bag with similar slips. Another one of my favorites is,

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

Well Crusaders, we're six years and two bloody wars down line from that slip and preparing to go into another war that may bring about Bush's desire for an Armageddon that the American Taliban has been working towards since they got their meat hooks into old Dementia head Ray Guns, who, you'll no doubt recall, was all the while being puppeteered by Papa Smirk.

While Papa didn't buy the religious rhetoric and kept his mind on making a buck, junior bought it hook, line and sinker. Remember the Fuhrer believes that a God talks to him and tells him what to do. Does that thought send a chill down your spine, America? What makes it worse is this battle between the three cults of the followers of the bronze age god Yahweh are led by insane types who actually believe they will be rewarded for their actions on earth in some bizarre paradise after death. The reason why "Mutually Assured Destruction" or M.A.D. worked so well for the last 60 years was that the Russians and Chinese are Atheists who know this is it and will only use nukes in self-defense. The Jews, Christians and Muslims all follow a god of war. The Jews are, after all, Yahweh's chosen people and hence can do no wrong. The Christians, who profess to follow Jesus but ignore Yahweh's hippie son, follow dear old dad as do the Muslims and are quite prepared to kill themselves and everyone else to gain this "heaven." They no doubt see themselves carried across the lap of some beautiful war maiden over the rainbow bridge! Yes I know, that's a mixed metaphor but no doubt some believe it!

I'll grant you the powers behind the "Crime Family Bush" have no such delusions and are simply after world domination. Of course, if slightly more than 5 billion of us should parish in WWIII then so much the better, a less crowded, less polluted world makes their lives that much better as they only need about 400 million of us to run the world for them. The elite all have their own little bunkers to safely ride out the coming war while the rest of us die agonizing deaths. I'm sure they've set up cameras and such to catch our death throws for their amusement!

And unless YOU do something about this NOW we're maybe just a few months away from the beginning of the end of life as we know it. The ancient Mayans put the date for the end of the world on December 21, 2012 and as things are going now their predictions maybe a few years too late? If this is the life you want for yourself, your children and grandchildren then just keep doing what you've been doing all along, i.e., nothing! Time is fast running out to make a change in this madness, America. With a very few exceptions all of our politicians from both parties are in lock step behind the Junta. If any change is going to come it will have to come from your efforts, it's now or never, what are you going to do?

In Other News

One of the few advantages of getting old is that you no longer fear telling the truth. If what you say upsets some, pisses others off or drives your enemies mad then so much the better. From out of the spineless pack of Democrats 75 year old, 18 term Congressman Pete Stark rose to the microphone the other day and told it like it is. Finally, a Democrat with a backbone! Finally, a moment of truth from those on the left side of the aisle.

What drove the fascist traitors nuts was a simple statement of truth. That's the one thing they can't stand, can't allow to see the light of day, the one thing that will destroy them and prevent WWIII, the simple truth. Every time that I hear them moan and groan and howl makes me smile and maybe laugh out loud and Pete brought that on like no one else has in years. Of course, the well known fascist Nancy Pelosi was quick to join her Rethuglicans masters when she said...
"While members of Congress are passionate about their views, what Congressman Stark said during the debate was inappropriate and distracted from the seriousness of the subject at hand - providing health care for America's children."

Spoken like the true traitor that you are, Nancy. We expected nothing less of you! What got Nancy's panties in a bunch was this oration by Pete...
"First of all, I'm just amazed that the Republicans are worried that we can't pay for insuring an additional 10 million children. They sure don't care about finding $200 billion to fight the illegal war in Iraq. Where are you going to get that money? You are going to tell us lies like you're telling us today? Is that how you're going to fund the war?"

"You don't have money to fund the war or children, but you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."
He then returned to the same point moments later: "But President Bush's statements about children's health shouldn't be taken any more seriously than his lies about the war in Iraq. The truth is that Bush just likes to blow things up in Iraq, in the United States and in Congress."

The truth will set you free and for this moment of freedom we have Pete Stark to thank. Thanks, bro, and please keep speaking up and out. We need a million more just like you! Here's a man who truly deserves the "Medal of Freedom!" Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the story. Like Patrick Henry who said, "Give me liberty or give me death" and then apologized after being accused of uttering treasonable words and assured the House of Burgesses that he was still loyal to the king. So did Pete apologize but at least Pete did it with obvious tongue-in-cheek after a Rethuglican led "motion to censure" failed in the house. *****

And finally I see where our President of Vice, Dick (The Dark Lord) Cheney, has crawled out from under his rock to threaten Iran and the world with WWIII. Echoing Smirky's threat of last week, "I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them (Iran) from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon." Cheney said that, "Our country, and the entire international community, cannot stand by as a terror-supporting state fulfills its grandest ambitions," to which many thought he was talking about the U.S. or Israel!

Even if Iran had dozens of nukes, she wouldn't attack another nation, not even Israel with them because she knows she would instantly be eviscerated by us. She, like all other countries that have nukes, has them to keep us from attacking her and stealing her resources. Iran also knows the meaning of another one of Cheney's statements, "America looks forward to the day when Iranians reclaim their destiny, the day that our two countries, as free and democratic nations, can be the closest of friends" after suffering under 26 years of American's puppet dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi a.k.a., "The Shaw of Iran." Fool me once shame on you...

Trouble with our coming attack on Iran is that China and Russia get a lot of their oil in Iran and may decide enough of our west Taxus prairie monkey is enough and "loan" Iran a few nukes. Surprise, surprise, surprise to our aircraft carrier battle groups! Surprise, surprise, surprise to the Strait of Hormuz! Surprise, surprise, surprise to the gulf's oil infrastructure. Surprise, surprise, surprise to Tel Aviv! Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Got your freeze dried foods, weapons and power source secured, America? As "Uncle Duke" once said, "Big Darkness, Soon Come!" *****

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So how do you like the 2nd coup d'etat so far? And more importantly, what are you planning on doing about it?

Until the next time, Peace Y'all! (c) 2007
Ernest Stewart a.k.a. Uncle Ernie is an unabashed radical, author, stand-up comic, DJ, actor, political pundit and for the last 6 years managing editor and publisher of Issues And Alibis magazine. In his spare time he is an actor, writer and an associate producer for the new motion picture "W."

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