Friday, July 13, 2007

Nazi Zionists – The Hypocrites

Nazi Zionists – The Hypocrites

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Ayaan Hirshi Ali, The New Weapons of Mass Destruction, THE POLITICS OF MUSLIM AND ARAB BASHING and Who really needs “protection” – Ali or her critics?; please examine the following should you wish.

The prominent Somali born BBC identity
Ragi Omar writes about Yasin Hassan Omar and Ayaan Hirshi Ali.
“The fates of Yassin Hassan Omar and Ayaan Hirshi Ali could not be more different, in the decisions they have made and the actions they have taken. However, in many ways their similarities outweigh their differences. They both come from a country destroyed by civil war, their families escaped to the West in the hope of starting a new life, yet both found themselves suddenly disconnected from their family and their past. Their experiences produced two starkly different, yet equally zealous responses, which in their own ways present the greatest threats to the hope that a place like Edgware Road symbolizes for the overwhelming majority of Muslims. Each of them embodies an absolute vision that comes directly from their individual experiences; in the case of Yassin Hassan Omar and his fellow suicide bombers it is an absolute rejection of the West; in Ayaan Hirshi Ali’s case it is an utter rejection of Islam. In both cases it is a rejection of the place where I spent nineteen years of my life, a place where Islam and the West co-exist. With equal ardour they both reject the only thing there is: hope.”

During the Salman Rushdie debacle, the Zionists promoted the Satanic Verses like the holy Torah under the guise of free speech while they denied free speech of many including David Irving. Today, the Zionists are promoting Ayaan Hirshi Ali for their deviant reasons and no one is condemning them. However, if any Muslim supports any suicide bombers including Yassin Hassan Omar, then, all Muslims will be ostracized by every one without any compassion whatsoever!

It is like, today, everyone condemns Nazism like a fashion statement. However, the same lots are scared to condemn Zionism! Even though Zionism is Anti-Semitism and Zionism is worse than Nazism.

Then again Ershad Manji gets publicity, funding and protection from the Zionist groups and many media outlets recognise her as the ideal representative of Muslims! Similarly, Salman Rushdie's sexual impotence and conversation with God earned him a knighthood! Probably that’s why Salman himself said in his Satanic Verses, “We must enjoy foul and hollow, spectacular and empty, bright and morally bankrupt western society nearing to it’s end”.

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