Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jason Morrison of 2GB Drive (Re: Taxi Mafia) and Beyond

Jason Morrison of 2GB Drive (Re: Taxi Mafia) and Beyond

Further to “
Jason Morrison of 2GB Drive (Re: Taxi Mafia)” I rang your program and your producer said she would ring me back and she did not. In frustration I am now emailing the information which was the subject of my call directly to you. You neither read my email on air nor did your producer ring me back as she said she would, I ask are those actions or rather lack of action because of the noticeable taxi network related advertising that is broadcast on your network? Jason where is the independence and fair mindedness that absolutely must be the foundation for your show and 2GB’s raison de etre?

If the public senses even a skerrick of doubt as to your credibility, integrity and championing of the truth it’s all over Red Rover.

Would you like to apply a size 12 boot to the posterior of your producer for failing to fulfill a clear commitment to me or would you personally like to claim responsibility for this situation?

Not good Jason

Not happy Jason

Friday, March 27, 2009

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