Saturday, February 2, 2008

Faruque Bin Laden’s Protest

Faruque Bin Laden’s Protest

I believe in free speech, democracy, free and fair debate and discussions. I oppose and condemn hypocrisy and double standard which is ironically paramount in our society and even in the Yahoo Group! The removal of my article from discussion is no only abhorrent but a clear example of the Zionist domination to silence the truth. In support of my case I am presenting three independent links and Israel Shamir article as well as other items
reported on Jerusalem Post to show that Iraq was invaded to secure Israel and Israeli link in this and many other Middle East conflict can not be denied.

Iraq pullout would hurt Israel

Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel

Jews are different and supported Iraq Invasion! Are they and in what way?

“And Jews! Please add the Jews”, I hear voices crying. I’d love to, but the Jewish spiritual leaders do not agree. They are for war and bloodshed, if it's goys’ blood to be shed. The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Yona Metzger, thanked President Bush for his invasion of Iraq with its 200,000 dead. “I want to thank you for your support of Israel and in particular for waging a war against Iraq”, Metzger told Bush,
reported Jerusalem Post.

Source: Israel Shamir

The Scottish Herald also reported earlier, “with or without 9/11, the USA had a plan to invade Iraq”!

I have discussed this issue with William Blum the author of the Rogue State at the University of Sydney talk fest and he agreed with me.

I also discussed the same issue with a world-renown panel at the Sydney Town Hall during last year’s Sydney Writers Festival. Generally speaking, all of those commentators and floor agreed with me.

I have been saying for a long time to conduct an inquiry to find out the truth about the real intention, personalities and reasons behind the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. Surely, if the USA is free then they can easily conduct such an inquiry. But, I suppose, because of “
Israelis control America” it is not going to happen very soon!

Further to Our Moral Rights please examine the followings.

Poor Americans must identify the motive and people behind the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.
People of America must identify motive(s) and identity of people like Zionist Paul Bremmar, General Jay Garner and others who deliberately and willfully destroyed the Iraqi police, municipality, army, air force, navy and other Iraqi institutions during their first six months of CPA administration.
All Americans must genuinely investigate reason(s) and identities of people who managed to convert Iraq from a:
a. Secular population to fanatically religious one,
b. Peaceful nation to a violent one,
c. Stable society to a refugee society and
d. Affluent society to a bottomless basket!

If Americans can truly and accurately investigate these items listed above, only then there may be a hope to free Americans! Else, they are doomed!!

Free America Now

Therefore, removing the article/link of mine was against free speech and submission to Zionist fantasy which is far from reality as well as morally and intellectually bankrupt stand.

Faruque Bin Laden
Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yahoo Violation Notice Email To Me

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Deleted Question: Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel?

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